Why Us

Why Choose Palliative Care Cooperative?
The PCC leadership come from pharmacy and healthcare backgrounds which gives us a clinical approach to patient management. We take time during the initial intake process to review the patient diagnosis and understand the ailments the patient is looking to remedy. We consult the patient and create a plan of care to counsel on symptom management. Our Team has the knowledge and experience to help guide and educate patients and their families about the products and the effects.

Product Selection – we have selected a small group of products that are reputable, consistent and lab tested. This allows us to concentrate our buying power keep a large inventory to fulfill next day delivery and become specialists in every product. Maintaining low overhead allows us to be very cost effective and pass along the savings to our patients.

Proactive Approach – we use a follow up process and proactively call to refill so patients are not running out and scrambling to get their medicine.

RSO Oil Approach
CBD Medical Supply Full Spectrum High CBD Hemp oil extract is a blend of multiple high CBD hemp strains to get the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids for the greatest chance of success. Most oils used are 60-65% CBD and the other 35% contains cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that all contribute to the entourage effect and enhance the power of the CBD extract.
CBD Medical Supply uses ethanol extracted cannabis oil for all the Full Spectrum CBD based products. The main reason is that ethanol pulls the most complete cannabinoid spectrum and terpene profile, creating a full spectrum hemp oil that possess the true essence of the cannabis plant.

The CBD Medical Supply Advantage
CBD Medical Supply uses Ultrasonic Sonication Technology to break down particle size, create liposomes and make the hemp oil extract more easily absorbable with increased bioavailability. The human body is made up of 60% water, hemp extracts are oil(hydrophobic not water soluble molecules). In order for the cannabinoids to be more effective, we create Liposomes which move more freely throughout the bloodstream and body .
Liposomal drug delivery is produced by the mechanical shear force of ultrasonic cavitation to reduce the droplet size of cannabinoids in combination with a fatty acid carrier oil(ie. coconut oil). Liposomes work with the phosopholipids in the semi-permeable membrane of our body’s cells to transport nutrients into the cell. Liposomes are composed of the same material as a cell membrane (lipid bilayer), they essentially encapsulate the cannabinoids so they can enter a cells membrane more effectively and efficiently. It is very similar to nanoparticles but not made with the same intensity.

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