Pain Relief Testimonials

What a wonderful and peaceful effect this has had. The pain is diminished and my sleep is a solid 7 hours. I highly recommend this in place of pain or muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. Thank you so much to the staff too for always following up and adjusting as needed. – D.T.

I was suffering badly with hip and back pain, taking Vicodin 3 to 4 times a day. A couple of months ago I started taking the Trokie lozenges. I take ¼ of the 50mg CBD 3 times a day + ¼ of the 60mg of the THC at bedtime. Unless I really overdo, my pain level is between 0-3 rather than the 8-10 it was before. I am very pleased with the results. I haven’t taken a pain pill for 2 weeks. – S.M.

I have a disease of the foot that causes the joints to leak lubricating fluid what causes cysts to form they are very painful. Especially at night when I’m trying to rest Trokie helps to ease some of the pain. – C. G.

I started on the Trokie RSO about 3 months ago maybe less. I have Ankylosing spondylitis and hypothyroidism. My day to day pain was controlled with opiates, and I was on a biological drug (humira) for my As. Not only is the risk very high with biological drugs, the amount of opiates I was taking was unhealthy. I walked with a cane daily, and own a mobility scooter for longer outings. Also I am a father of 2 young boys and decreased activity with them was very hard. Since starting Trokie oil, I am no longer on biological drugs. I have reduced my opiate intake dramatically, and now have no need for a cane. I have built my tolerance up to about 1g per day in 3 separate doses(so roughly 330mg per dose). I just want to thank Kyle and dr Kent for saving my life and giving me hope again. Also 2 weeks ago was the first time in 5 years my blood lab results came back completely normal. – R.K.

I have been thru the pain Doctor list attempting to find something that would turn down my 9-10 pain level. Nothing worked for the past year, nothing. So I obtained my license and visited with the pharmacist at Trokie. He went over my case and explained options. I went home and took my first white colored Trokie. A 1/4 square of a very small lozenge. With lozenge in cheek, I laid down to see what happened if anything. In about 15 minutes I felt every nerve in my body relax. I was amazed at how tense every nerve, muscle and tendon was. What a pleasure to feel this happening. I dozed off and when I woke up two hours later, I noticed the pain level was down to about a four and my legs felt only a very small amount of pain. Huge improvement! Excited. I am on the right path and find it much easier to walk and move. Actually can turn over in bed without waking up in pain. I am really happy to find a product that works so well. Down to 1-2 pain level at worst. Usually pain free. I feel very comfortable about this well researched and carefully produced high tech quality product. Easy to use, carry and store. This is an educational experience and then to top it off, IT WORKS !!! Thank you. – D.Q.

I have been taking prescription pain medication for probably 10 years or more and my daughter has been trying to get me to try other options. I set up an appt with a doctor so I could get my GreenLife Medical card. They referred me to Palliative Care Corp with Kyle Johnson Executive Director. Since I’ve been taking the Trokie’s my overall pain has decreased a great deal. My overall pain level was usually running 6-7, now I’m probably at a 3-4. I’ve decreased my pain medication in half, sleeping at night and having a better quality of life. Thanks again to Kyle for all his help and to Dorea for all her follow-ups and keeping me on track with the new products. – A.B.

I recently purchased Trokies from a dispensary in Las Vegas while on vacation, I was looking for something to help me with my pain while out of my country. I suffer with fibromyalgia and bad headaches/migraines for the last 10 years. My pain usually sits between a 8/10. I tried Trokies and found within 10 minutes I started to feel some headache relief and about an hour and 30 min they were extremely effective at reducing my joint pain and my headache disappeared. My joint pain was reduced to a 4/10, it was easier to deal with. I purchased enough for my trip and was virtually pain free or at least the pain was bearable the entire trip. They worked so well that after I returned home I called the company to find out if they were available anywhere near me or if they could be ship directly to me. – C.C.

The lozenges and the RSO oil have helped my neck pain. Mixing the RSO and coconut oil has helped with the arthritis in my hands a lot. I have tried a lot of different treatments for these conditions and the best results have been the Trokie lozenges and RSO. – C.O.

Sting Ray Attack

Well just one hour after I got a supply of CBD, I got Stung by a stingray. 12.5 mg of Trokie did the job. One more time coming to the rescue. Thanks for your product my pain was gone in one hour K.C


I have fibromyalgia. I have struggled for 4 long years. I started taking Trokie lozenges and my life has completely changed. My pain level before Trokie was a 9 to 10 all day and night long. My pain level is at 0 to 1 most days! I’m able to sleep all night, which is making a big difference. I was able to quit all of the prescription drugs I was taking and I only take Trokie’s now. I love that Trokie’s don’t have any side effects. The staff are all amazing, caring people. – L.J.

Migraine and Headache Testimonials

Trokie lozenges 50 mg CBD only 1/2 the dose taken 3hours apart has reduce the head pain. I have been suffering from PMS migraine from 4 years. While i have use CBD and THC from other vendors to reduce the pain it has been a long process. Trokie has no side effect and it really works well and clear the head pain in a few hours.

Thank-you to Palliative Care Corp and their team, and my doctor that recommended them now i have an effective medication to rely on. – K.C.

I only take the 1:1 at home. They seem to really take care of the pain with the additional effect of calming me down. I haven’t had a disabling headache in a couple of weeks, probably due to the trokies, so that will be the real test. I like the new flavor. So far I am impressed and grateful for your products. Thanks A.K.

I have had more pain relief success with Trokie lozenges than with any other pain killers (natural and not so natural) I have tried. When I started using the lozenges, I suffered from chronic daily migraines and my pain level was a 7-8 on average every day. After just a few days of using the lozenges, including a larger dose of THC at night, I woke up for the first time in months with a significant pain reduction (pain went from 8 to 4). After about a month of using the lozenges (along with other lifestyle changes and general wellness habits), I am now experiencing whole days without migraines for the first time in almost a year. I use the lozenges less often and still experience significant relief when I do have a break-through migraine. After using Trokie lozenges, I have been able to go off of two preventative medications that caused bad side effects and I am still seeing improvement. I am very grateful for this product and have recommended it to others who suffer from cancer or chronic pain.   – A.G.

I have had severe migraines for more than 15 years and have tried every maintenance medication available. I always have bad reactions and nothing has helped. I was having 10 to 15 migraines a month. For the past month I have been taking 1/4 of a CBD Trokie lozenge twice a day and a THC capsule at night. I have had only 3 very mild migraines since starting, which I treat with 1/4 of a 1:1 Trokie lozenge and a puff or two of the 3:1 vape. This has changed my life dramatically. Prior to starting medical marijuana, I was always feeling like I was getting a migraine, in the middle of a migraine, or recovering from a migraine. Now I don’t even think about it. It’s truly been a miracle for me that I never would have believed. I was skeptical and afraid of feeling “high” or being drowsy, but I am not at all. I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing my results have been. Thank you to Donna, Elmer, and Dorea at Palliative Care for their knowledge, guidance and support. – L.Z.

A few weeks ago I came to PCC because I was suffering from a headache that wouldn’t go away. It was there everyday. I had hurt my neck awhile back and started getting headaches. I’ve been to my chiropractor and got a little relief at first but it wasn’t helping my head. I also have joint pain from a medication called Tamoxifen, which I take for breast cancer. I have trouble staying asleep all night and have generalized anxiety. I function well at my job as a nurse but when I get home at night I’m in so much pain all I can do is lay on the couch. I barely can take care of household chores and certainly cannot exercise. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I love caring for my family. But I was suffering.
That day I came in I spoke with Donna. She spent about an hour with me explaining how cannabis works in the body. She put me on a plan consisting of pure CBD lozenges 12.5 or 1/4 piece twice a day. Also some capsules for nighttime. She was awesome. Donna is kind, empathetic and very knowledgeable. She gave me some salve for my headache. Within about 2 minutes of rubbing it on, my headache was gone. I also put some on my neck. When I left there I was so encouraged about my plan.
After 3 days on the medication I was feeling great. My headaches were gone, my joint aches improved drastically and I was sleeping so good. I’ve been able to go to the gym again! Also I have a nervous ” stomach” that is also better. One last thing. I am a breast cancer survivor. The thought of it coming back is always there. I believe the cbd/thc helps fight cancer. Win win. – B.I.

I’ve been taking the trokie CBD lozenges off and on for quite some time. TodY I was having an ocular migraine. I don’t experience pain with these, but instead they impair my vision. They typically take anywhere from 30- 60 minutes to stop once they start. Within ten minutes of the onset this time I was able to take a 1/4 of a trokie CBD lozenge and the ocular migraine was gone within 5 minutes. It’s the shortest duration I’ve ever experienced and I feel that was a direct reflection of the CBD trokie. – A.C.

Relief from Neuropathy

I have neuropathy in my hands and feet as a result of chemo treatments for colon cancer. Before I completed my 6 months of chemo, I discovered that I was dropping objects while carrying them in my hands. In order to complete getting dressed in the morning, I asked my daughter or my friend to help me button a blouse. In addition, I had face planted several times on concrete because i had difficulty in picking up my feet as i walked around. At bed time, I had restlessness as a result of constant throbbing from my numbness. During my chemo, I had consumed edibles to help me sleep. My Oncologist prescribed gabapentin for relaxation but the side effects were nausea and dizziness.

I just began using Trokie lozenges last week. Prior to my visit to Palliative Care, I had used CBD water and found it very helpful. The lozenges provide a more concentrated dosage for more relief. I am now able to button up my blouse on my own. In addition, I have more sensation in my hands and feet. I have improvement in my mobility as well as relaxation without side effects. I am so impressed with the Trokie products that I have already spoken with friends and family about the physical improvements in less than a week of taking the lozenges. I even gave one packet of my CBD lozenges to a friend who is a vet from Vietnam to help him manage his pain. This product is awesome! – E.M.

Parkinson’s Disease Testimonial

I have been using the Trokies for a few months and I love them and I don’t use any other cannabis products and with the Trokies I don’t need to. I have Parkinson’s disease and the Trokies provide me substantial relief of some of my symptoms, like the stiffness and tremor and I have also been able to decrease my pain medication as well since using them. I highly recommend the Trokies, the only regret I have is that I didn’t discover them sooner so I encourage anyone who may be looking for medication alternatives, especially for pain relief, the CBD Trokies, at least for me, work very well without leaving me with that heavy medicated feeling. My understanding is that CBD’s are becoming quite popular in treating certain medical conditions with great success. I very happy I found the Trokies and that I’m having such a positive outcome as a result of using them. – K.T.

Insomnia Testimonial

How Trokie lozenges helped me.

I have an undiagnosed ailment of which one of the symptoms is difficulty sleeping. That symptom has now been alleviated with cannabis. Each evening about an hour before bedtime I take ¼ of a 120 mg Trokie. I put it between my upper gum and my lip. I let it slowly dissolve. By bedtime I am ready to go to sleep.  Because of the Trokie I get a good nights sleep thus allowing my body to fight whatever it is that has infected my body. I ran out my Trokie lozenges for 3 nights and could not get any sleep and I was feeling miserable. The first night back on my program and I slept amazing. –J.H.

Crohn’s Disease

In September of 2015 I had an aggressive Crohn’s Disease flare up that I hadn’t had in almost three years. After trying the usual treatment of high dose steroids and multiple antibiotics, I experienced a never before level of depression from the steroids, and no relief from the flare up. I was advised to repeat the course again and refused and sought other options.

I managed best I could with pain management until January when I found Dr. Kent and the Pallative Care Company. I was given Trokie’s at varying levels of dosages as a build up dose, and within a few weeks was able to take some during the day for relief. I was almost immediately sleeping better and experiencing less pain. After adjusting the dose and trying different 1:1 variables over several months based on effects I could still feel, I now use the 1:1 a few times a day in very small amounts.

I have been personally tracking my inflammatory markers through lab work, and in six months time my markers are ALMOST NORMAL! I continue to take Balzolomide corticosteroid to prevent large flare ups, but I have not used any steriods since October and I am almost completely out of my flare up medication and off all previous opiates.

Additionally, I found the calming effects of the CBD to be able to replace such anxiety meds as Xanax much of the time. It takes longer than the average 30-60 treatment that traditional meds take to knock down a flare up, but in doing this my body is healing itself and not leaving me to be dependent on opiates as a way to maintain my daily life, as in previous years. – L.D.

Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 8 years ago. I have never been 100% clear since. Most of the time my systems have been a nuisance more than a real problem. I have had several severe flair ups requiring Prednisone to get under control. I have been on multiple medications. Each caused life threatening side effects, and none caused relief from symptoms. The last medication, Entyvio infusions, did not cause severe side effects, but after 6 months, no progress was noted and I was advised to stop. That was June 2016. July 2016, I started on CBD from Trokie. Within 3 days, I noted a reduction in bloating and abdominal discomfort. After a month, I could tell my bowel habits had improved. Keeping in mind, my bowels have never behaved well all my life, so sometimes it is hard to know what is normal for me. That being said, I was sure I was better than I had been in years. The folks at Palliative Care helped me with dosage and other information. They have been a great source of information, help and encouragement. On September 16th, I had another colonoscopy. The results of visual and biopsy testing were “complete remission with absolutely no pre-cancerous changes – what we call ‘histologic healing’.”  The physicians were amazed. I plan to continue treatment with the CBD for the foreseeable future in accordance with the recommendations of PCC. – J.H.

Reduction in Chemotherapy Side Effects

I have stage 4 colon cancer, metastasized to the spine and liver. I’m currently in chemo and the Trokies help with my side effects a great deal. I usually use:

1/4 40 Trokie 3x a day

1/4 120 Trokie at bedtime

– I will double the dose if needed

These lozenges help my pain go from a 5 or 6 out of 10 to a 2 or 3. They also help decrease nausea and increase appetite. I recommend this treatment to anyone, it is a great help to me. – K.B.

My father is currently undergoing chemotherapy. After his second regimen of chemo, he has been very fatigued, had no appetite and could not get any good sleep at night. He was recommended to try Trokie lozenges (50mg CBD, 40mg 1:1) , RSO oil (CBD) and the Raw Organic THC capsules (10mg). After using these products, it has helped him tremendously with his appetite and sleep. Thank you PCC for all of your great service and the great products you have provided! – S.N.

PTSD, OCD and Anxiety

Trokies have helped me to manage my anxiety from PTSD and OCD and other symptoms. I can finally function on a day to day basis without regular anxiety attacks and feeling like I am in crisis mode. I used to have attacks just being watched while checking out at the grocery store. I would break out into a sweat and walk out drenched. It was very common for me to break out in a heavy nervous sweat. I have not had that happen since I have been using CBD oil. The Trokies are by far my favorite for CBD oil. They are hassle free, fast acting and they taste much better than any other oral dosed oils. –

Pain Relief and Anxiety

Hi Kent,

Thank you so much for sharing your Trokie’s with me. I wanted to tell you that I gave 1/4 to my daughter last night (the 15 year old with chronic health issues). She was hesitant at first, but I told her about you and about the mom on your video and she decided to give it a try.

After 10 minutes the pain in her mouth (she had extensive dental work done on Monday), and her knee (she just had that cast removed from her leg on Monday), had somewhat eased. It took the edge off. After 30 minutes she asked me a very interesting question…she wanted to know, “does this help with anxiety?” I told her that it would and she said that she had been feeling very anxious (she has General Anxiety Disorder) prior to taking the medication. But that her anxiety had completely subsided after taking the Trokie! This is such a huge breakthrough for us!!!  – J.P.

I wanted to do this testimonial because I am such a believer in the Trokie product, and I wanted to wait until I had enough experience with Trokie to be able to navigate my way around this cannabis experience.

This is going on my 4th week of testing and using Trokies as part of my recovery.  

Basically I have the following issues that I wanted to address with Trokies: Motion Sickness, Insomnia, Lumbar Radiculopathy, pain in the lower back and hips, constant state of anxiety and agitation, an internal disconnect of the feedback loops from nervous system, muscular system, sensory system, motor system, bladder control, etc., all which have been broken down and are not functional, making it extremely difficult to make any headway with physical therapy, pelvic floor therapy, or functionality like standing, reaching, walking, etc. 

Since being on the Trokie regimen with the guidance of Dorea Shoemaker, I don’t have motion sickness to date, I am still working on insomnia, but can now sleep at least a solid 7 plus hours without waking. No sharp pains, minor aches now and then. I hardly have to use my topicals for pain in neck, back, legs and hips. I don’t have that constant anxiety and agitation that drains your energy and keeps you in a continuous state of tension and panic. I can now do kegels and it shows on biofeedback. I have bladder control now when I cough or sneeze.  

I am hoping to see whole body integration. This is such a unique experience and one can only know how Trokie can help you by jumping in and doing a trial and error of which compounds best serve you, in what dosage, at what time of the day, and the various combinations taken daily or even alternative days.  

I am working with Dorea Shoemaker of Palliative Care Corp. (PCC), a Member Support Network for Trokie.  

Dorea is part of the Member Support Network for Palliative Care Corp. (PCC). First, I want to say that for newbies, you absolutely need the guidance, support coaching and care of this support network in order to get the maximum benefit of Trokies.  

I am such a mental person, and I researched and did trial and errors on my own and even then, it doesn’t compare to the actual experience and knowledge that Dorea and the PPC group can provide. The most important thing in choosing a coach is trust. There was no hesitation in my first meeting with Dorea. I knew I could trust her with my life.

I wanted to be an active participant in my recovery and Dorea made this a collaboration. I gave her my input, she weighed the results and steered me into the proper direction for my next phase.

I chose Trokie because the only cannabis delivery that worked for me were topicals and I had no other way to deal with my internal health issues. Smoking, vaping, capsules, tinctures, edibles, patches, oils, did not work for me for various reasons. I was down to suppositories, inhalers or buccal delivery with Trokie.  

I like the buccal delivery because it bypasses the stomach and liver, and goes right into the blood and fluids, which is where I need it to go. I am a lightweight, so at this point I am only taking 1/8 of a Trokie of each particular compound. I suspect that I may increase it at some point, but I am already getting the benefits without the side effects. This also helps keep the cost down as I am a senior and on SS.

Dorea and myself have created a regimen, which changes according to my physical reactions re dosage and combinations. We are honing it as often as need be. It is interesting and exciting to see how your body reacts and what most benefits it to produce the results you want.  

I am continuing my Trokie regimen with Dorea and look forward to the miraculous results I have been receiving thus far. – LJ

Bhang Chocolate 60/60 bar

We have been providing 24hour care to my 91yo mother with Alzheimer’s for at least 3years now. WE caregivers along with my mom struggled with her sundowners, aggressive behavior, insomnia, constipation, agitation, and anxiety. We were losing sleep and also having stress and anxiety due to the sudden changes in mood on a daily basis. We started mom on the 50:50 chocolate Bhang Bar because taking the 50:50 capsule was often met with resistance. We cut the sections of the candy bar in to 1/5ths (mom weighs ~120#). We give her 3pieces before 3pm then 1 at bedtime. It took approximately 2 weeks to see the benefits. Now sundowners and aggressive behavior is minimal to abscent on a consistent basis. Mom sleeps through the night and wakes up rested and pleasant in the morning. She no longer suffers from anxiety of wanting to leave the house or look for her “children”. The stress level in our home is significantly reduced and we are now able to enjoy mom. We’ve eliminated her gabapentin (1200mg/day) for her mood & trazadone for sleep. We are attuned to onset of infections based on return of negative behavior above. Our suspicions are accurate much of the time and have been able to get her started on antibiotics immediately. This 50:50 bar has changed our lives. We have great confidence that we will be able to care for her in her home for the rest of her life. Thank you PCC! – V.E.

18:1 Spray

I have not use the lozenge. I use the spray and I love it. –C.D.