About PCC

The Palliative Care Corporation (PCC) is a medicinal cannabis organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from pain, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other serious illness by providing education and personalized patient management.

Our goal is to teach clients how to use the cannabis plant as medicine to achieve optimum symptom relief. The PCC can work with your healthcare provider to complement your treatment, optimizing symptom management and treatment outcomes. We provide our clients with high quality products, compassionate care, services and support.

Why Choose Palliative Care Corporation?

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help guide and educate the client and their family about cannabis products and their effects. PCC leadership come from pharmacy and healthcare backgrounds, which gives us a clinical approach to patient management.

Time is taken during the initial intake process to review the client’s diagnosis and understand the ailments the client is looking to remedy. With these goals in mind, we collaborate with a client’s physician to create a plan of care that addresses all of their concerns.

How and why we care.

In 2012 one of our principles witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to transition a loved one into hospice care. His grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was experiencing pain. The drugs prescribed to her caused extreme sedation, confusion, sleepiness combined with constipation and lack of appetite and nausea. There had to be a better way to deal with our last days on this Earth. A similar circumstance in 2014, this time it was the happiest 2 year old boy you could every meet, diagnosed with terminal cancer. This time we used cannabis therapy to treat the pain. The boy and his parents got to spend the last 6 months together enjoying each other, rather than having an extremely sedated, constipated little boy who could not communicate or understand what was happening to him.

The experience has lead our team towards Cannabis advocacy and helping others deal with the difficult and challenging times of living with complex medical conditions and finding a better solution to end of life care.

The PCC Team

  • Dr Kent Crowley, Pharm D.
  • Kyle Johnson
  • Dorea Shoemaker
  • Donna Matas
  • Elmer Chavez
  • Ray Molina

Contact us:

Huntington Beach Medical Towers
7822 Beach Blvd, Suite 321
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Phone/fax: 888-702-7378
Email: [email protected]