Vive Crisp Mint Sublingual – 5mg:1mg CBD-THC Ratio

Vive Crisp Mint Sublingual - 5mg:1mg CBD-THC Ratio

Each Vive Crisp Mint Sublingual is packed with organic peppermint oil. Each container has 20 pieces containing 5mg CBD and 1mg THC. Vive sublingual is a perfect microdose for those seeking help with inflammation and anxiety, while also providing a small amount of euphoria (depending on your tolerance for THC). Simple and sweet, they are fully-compressed cannabis-infused sublingual, similar in style to a typical breath mint, each with a burst of natural and organic flavors. Vive’s goal: provide any level of consumer, from novice to mature, with an all natural cannabis tablet that is safe and easy to enjoy. Vive Crisp Mint sublingual is complete with a dash of organic Stevia, non-GMO flavoring, and no added colors.

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